Firearm Access System Technologies

FAST Holster LLC

“Put your gun where you want it, so you can get your gun when you need it.”



Until recently we had to recommend two of the FAST Holsters to securely mount a long gun. 

The original FAST Holster can hold approximately 20 lbs of force on a straight linear pull.

 However due to leverage, you needed two of the original FAST Holster to safely mount a long gun.


 The FAST Holster long gun version is still constructed

with non-marring Santoprene® rubber.

The difference is this new model is

twice as strong: up to 40 lbs

of force on a straight linear pull!!!

The result is a single secure mount

to strategically hold your shotgun

or long gun almost anywhere.

Above a closet door




Corner of a closet




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