Firearm Access System Technologies

FAST Holster LLC

“Put your gun where you want it, so you can get your gun when you need it.”


If you have ever wanted a method to securely mount a firearm

in your vehicle while keeping the firearm accessible - this is it!



The FAST Car Holster provides an inexpensive way

to securely mount your firearm in a moving vehicle.



The FAST Car Holster comes complete with

mounting instructions for your vehicle, pop rivets, and

 hook and loop retention strap.  Please note that this

application requires drilling two holes in your vehicle to

securely install the FAST CAR Holster.



The FAST Car Holster utilizes three permanent magnets

over-molded in poly-urethane plastic, resulting in a secure,

non-marring holster that allows you to locate your

firearm almost anywhere.


It is imperative that you check your state and local laws

prior to installing or using this holster in your vehicle

to ensure you are not violating any statutes.


 $29.95 MSRP plus shipping

(and sales tax for Indiana Residents)


For more information or to order a FAST Car Holster

please email Tony at

or Jerry at .


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